Management Appraisal

Identifying current and future potential.

  • Proper qualification, motivation and preparation of top and middle managers is all-important to successfully face strategic challenges.
  • We facilitate in-depth knowledge of the strengths / weaknesses in terms of competencies and we analyse to what extent these are aligned with company’s strategy and objectives.
  • We identify improvement areas, individual and / or collective.
  • We define an accurate profile, taking into consideration the mission, culture, strategy and needs of the client.
  • Our final report includes our opinion on the potential development of the professionals interviewed. We propose policies for alignment of individual and collective talent.
  • It is a tool of great value in processes such as mergers and acquisitions, change of strategic plan, projects for detection and development of internal talent, succession plans, etc.

Planning and coordination

  • Setting of objectives and scope of the project
  • Definition of corporate competencies
  • Team designation
  • Calendar and documentation


  • Individual assessments
  • Internal evaluation of the information obtained
  • Diagnosis and preliminary recommendations

As a result of a Management Appraisal project, we can also help with:

  • Planning of Top & Middle Management positions
  • Governance structure
  • Succession plans, training / coaching.
  • Design or re-definition of internal communication.
  • Support for professional promotion.
  • Motivation and retention plans.